Nikken Sekkei Construction Management (NCM) solves problems in all shapes and sizes with a project,
mainly in construction projects, through our management services.

As a pioneer in construction management, NCM has guided many projects to success over 20 years.

With extensive experience and sophisticated professional knowledge/techniques,
NCM realizes the client’s vision with creative ideas.

NCM is a company that bridges "what we have today" with "what may come true tomorrow"
by deploying the power of management.

As a comprehensive management firm in the architectural field,
NCM conducts honest and highly-transparent business to contribute to society.

As an intra-office body of Nikken Sekkei, NCM began offering construction management services in 1999. In 2005, NCM became independent from Nikken Sekkei, in order to clarify the positions of designers and construction managers and to secure neutrality. NCM has been offering honest and highly-transparent management services ever since.

“Highly transparent and well-experienced management firm”
“Expert group of professionals”

This is what Nikken Sekkei Construction Management represents.


We connect what exists today to what may come true tomorrow.

The tangible building assets in front of us have the potential to be transformed into something of value, with an unseen future ahead. That is why we diligently work on each project and deploy the power of management to connect “today” with “tomorrow.”
Our mission is to manage a diverse range of projects with a creative mind.

NCM’s management services utilize our extensive experience and sophisticated professional knowledge/techniques to solve any issues regarding construction projects.

NCM strives to accurately understand the project characteristics, utilize individual skills and experience, realize the client’s vision, and guide the project to success.

NCM does its best to make each project truly meaningful to the people and society of the world.