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Construction Management

Construction Management

As a supporter and a representative of clients, variety of management services including project operation, quality control, cost control, and schedule control will be provided. As a facilitator of a project team, strong support will be provided in order to realize the client's vision for maximization of project value.


Support on Entire Phases of Construction Projects

1. Planning Phase
・Support of project planning and concept planning including support on land selection and due diligence
・Consideration of master schedule
・Feasibility study including volume study
・Coordination of cost allocation
・Support of business feasibility
・Support of design image planning

2. Schematic Design Phase
・Support on setting project target
・Support on setting project conditions
・Support on setting requirements
・Master schedule planning
・Support on estimating project and construction cost
・Developing operational requirement
・Developing design requirement
・Support on selecting a designer

3. Design Phase
・Arrangement and update of design requirement
・Controlling design schedule
・Monitoring design contents
・Design review
・Monitoring on construction cost
・Support of VE and CD consideration
・Consideration of temporary construction and developing construction schedule

4. Procurement and Contract Phase
・Developing procurement strategy
・Developing designer and contractor selection strategy
・Confirmation and evaluation of proposals from candidates
・Confirmation of estimation contents
・Support on signing contract

5. Construction Phase
・Coordination and providing advices for construction operation
・Confirmation of construction progress in accordance with the plan
・Construction schedule management
・Support on quality control
・Support on VE and CD consideration and design changes
・Confirmation of construction drawings
・Attendance of inspections

6. Operation Phase
・Consideration on building operation
・Support on selecting a property management company
・Support on selecting a building management company
・Support on tenant leasing
・Support on MD planning
・Support on moving consideration