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Execution Management

Execution Management

During the phase of actual building construction to be executed in a timely manner, precise judgments should be made on the fly by examining the following things. Whether or not decisions are being made smoothly at the construction phase, if the quality of the building is as per the design drawings, if the construction cost is within the budget, and if the construction period is maintaining the planned schedule. NCM looks over the entire construction site, and exercises management with an understanding of the irreversible nature of the construction phase.
We provide technical support for a business owner, attend each inspection during the construction, and make a clear and easy-to-understand report to the owner after reviewing the quality, functionalities, and accuracy of the construction from the viewpoint of the owner during the construction phase. We also provide a wide range of supports covering issues concerning the construction of a business owner at all phases of a project, through advice for the temporary work plan or execution plan at the planning phase, or coordination of related construction works.

What We Do

■ Examination of Construction Planning and Review
It is not only reviewed the execution plan at the construction phase but also prepared provisional execution plan in detail from the planning phase, so that discrepancy of cost and construction period during the actual construction phase will be minimized. It will be also checked execution drawings and construction site from the viewpoint of a business owner, along with a clear understanding of discussed items, conditions and issues of the execution process, in order to provide clear instructions to the contractor to ensure the construction quality.

■ Arrangement and Management of Meeting Committee Structure
At the construction phase, it will be necessary to hold various sectional meetings other than regular meetings. We examine the purposes of each meeting committee and its meeting frequency, participants, and distribution of roles to propose an efficient meeting committee structure. We also try to accurately grasp the points and outcomes of discussion with concerned parties, since each meeting committee structure discusses various items. It will be managed all these procedures in the form of written documents and prepared necessary reports to concerned parties to share information.

■ Examining the Execution of Construction Supervision
It will be examined whether the policy of construction supervision is appropriate or not at the commencement of construction works. In addition, constantly conducted visual inspections at the site as needed to inspect whether the supervision is conducted correctly or not following the policy of construction supervision.

■ Management of Design Alterations
It will be managed design alterations considering the balance of the quality, cost, and schedule to adjust the construction cost for its additional increase or decrease and review our proposals of VE/CD.

■ Management of Schedule
Not only reviewed the progress of construction works, but also grasped the schedule/timing for decision making and give a quick response in the event of a design alteration, so that any delay of construction work is eliminated. Also it will be coordinated the schedule of other related construction works and grasped the schedule of the entire construction site.

■ Conducting Various Inspections
We either attend public inspections conducted under the responsibility of a designer along with a business owner or act as a deputy examinee. We review, give instructions, and make adjustments for the items pointed out for correction during the inspection.

■ Support for the Delivery of Completed Building
It will be reviewed the content of the documents to be delivered in advance and give necessary advice for smooth delivery of the completed building. We also provide technical support for aging inspection after the completion of the building. If there is any item pointed out during the inspection, or any flaw reported by the business owner, it will be verified the fault and check defect liability, and coordinate with concerned parties.


Kenichi Sasaki
Chief Manager

Masaharu Tanaka
Construction Manager

Hirohiko Mitani
Chief Manager