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Project Management

Project Management

In addition to the management of quality, cost, and schedule that directly relate to the final result of a project, project management supervises its process and risk, and by doing so, controls the entire project.
Due to construction projects becoming more sophisticated and complicated in recent years, the importance of project management has also increased more than ever.
NCM, as a partner staying closest to a business owner, will strongly support the owner to propel the project forward without any worries, starting from setting up a project and building a system in an earlier stage, to sharing progress information and its potential risks, and a project roadmap drawn by scenario making.

What We Do

■ Confirming the Intentions of the Business Owner, Sharing Them with Concerned Parties
In a typical project, it is difficult to reflect the “visions” of a business owner, and various risks associated with cost and quality issues may burden business owners who are not familiar with construction projects. NCM steps into the management as a representative of the business owner, so that “visions” of the business owner will be organized and shared with concerned parties to be appropriately realized.

■ Setting up Targets/ Requirements/ Constraint Conditions and Managing Documents
The “visions” of a business owner are organized and documented in the early stage of a project as project targets, requirement conditions for building performance, and constraint conditions such as cost. This allows for smooth adjustment of the items requested from the business owner, while it can be used as a tool to examine design proposals or decision making in later stages.

■ Clarifying the Promotion System of a Project and the Roles of Concerned Parties, and managing Meeting Committee Structure
We develop the most suitable promotion system appropriate for the purpose and issues of a project, sort out the roles and responsibility assignment of concerned parties, and establish a necessary body of meeting committee structure for flexible project management according to the progress.

■ Building up an Information Management System for the Entire Project
We coordinate between “business owner and his/her concerned parties”, “business owner and designer/contractor” and “designer and contractor” to control information centrally by always grasping the conditions of a project. NCM plays the role of a hub to promote information exchange among concerned parties and help make a swift solution of the issue through rational and effective information communication and by sharing and actualizing the issue.

■ Facilitating a Project Team
In order to unify the intention among concerned parties, NCM provides appropriate materials for making decisions on the direction of a project and functions as the facilitator within a project team. NCM also conducts management to facilitate timely judgments by assigning a supervisor necessary for decision making on issues and setting the timing for his/her involvement.

■ Preparing a Master Schedule and its Progress Management
It will be clearly defined the goal of a project and prepared the most suitable master schedule by setting up critical schedules for the goal. Each process is clearly described with tasks of a business owner and concerned parties with deadlines of decision making so that a project environment is developed where the progress of the project is not affected by the delay of decision making. Progress management will be provided by producing a detailed schedule for each stage based on the master schedule.

■ Issues on a Project: Analysis, Sharing and Management of Risks
We help a business owner evade or reduce risks by revealing expected risks in advance to analyze and examine, and studying how to prepare for such risks. This will minimize the cost for restoration and taking measures in the event of an incident so that we can continue management without a direct influence on the project.

■ Support for Decision Making by a Business Owner
Strategy meetings with a business owner will be held as needed to exchange ideas during a project. Also it is coordinated with concerned parties if there are any issues to be discussed before the business owner makes a decision. If the business owner has an item to discuss within the company or with stakeholders, we assist in preparing explanation strategy and reference documents according to the meeting committee structure so that decision-making process will proceed without delay.


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Chief Manager

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Chief Manager

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Construction Manager