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Real Estate Consultation & Project Planning

Real Estate Consultation & Project Planning

You might often feel unsure about making decisions at the early stage of a project, because of insufficient information to determine what to be built, whether to be renovated or sold, when it is done, or whether the judgement for the investment is correct or not. NCM makes a proposal of a real estate utilization strategy for improving the asset value of your building and supports the actual execution of the proposal. We provide various solutions from the viewpoint of management in terms of CRE, examining what kind of renovation/ reconstruction works can increase profit or whether it can also improve the financial indicator, prepare a strategy for each asset, and carry it out. By visualizing a business plan and verifying its feasibility, a business owner will be encouraged to make a management decision.

What We Do

Real Estate Utilization Consultation

■ Due Diligence
In order to facilitate and support appropriate real estate/ building deals and asset management of a client, it will be provided various services such as preparation of engineering reports, CAPEX (capital expenditure) estimate, and current replacement cost estimate. Based on the vast amount of cost database and engineering know-how held by Nikken Group as evidence, it can be provided fair and proper information in detail as a third party.

■ Support for Effective Utilization of Holding Assets
It will be established a strategy for effective utilization of holding assets owned by a client. For an unutilized land lot or aged building, we make judgments from an engineering and asset management point of view and propose a utilization strategy to reconstruct, renovate, or sell the property based on references prepared from an objective point of view. For those clients owning multiple land lots/ buildings, we analyze the current conditions on the basis of various data such as rent income, age of a building, or renovation cost—then make a proposal based on our accumulated experiences and know-how for the best possible method to improve the asset value.

Business Planning

■ Support for Feasibility Evaluation
It will be assisted in propelling the decision-making process through a feasibility study of the subject site for effective utilization. By grasping the real estate market condition in the neighborhood and the potential of the site from the market research and analyzing the subject site, it will be proposed a facility/ site utilization plan to maximize the added value of the site. By estimating the revenues and expenditures of the business in several cases and examining the merit and demerit in terms of the financial aspect, we also suggest a business scheme according to the project, such as a scheme to reduce the initial cost or a method of tax saving.

■ Organizing for Business Commencement
For the project with its policy established through the business feasibility study, it will be supported the business as a starter by taking the role of the PM (Project Manager). In order to promote the project, it will be prepared a draft of the basic concept to deepen the feasibility of the project plan, established an appropriate implementation system for business management, and hold a competition to nominate a company. Once a company is determined, it will be proceeded to a briefing based on the business plan (the breakdown of the business plan to the given conditions of design) and served as a bridge to the design/ CM (Construction Management) works.


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